With the advent of social media, the art organizations are benefiting very much. The number of social networking sites is increasing day by day, and all of them are very convincing to use. According to a study, at least 65% of the adults are using the social networking sites and about 5.4 hours is spent by them on the social networking sites every day. Some simple examples that will be very handy to explain the role of social networking sites in the art advocates and markets are given here. In fact, the details will amaze you.

First is the Lyric Opera. These people will make sure new methods are found in order to entertain their viewers on a regular basis. In fact, they will be giving live streams of performances too. This marketing team has taken their inspiration from the Tinder, a very popular dating application that will allow people to meet their dates just through swiping the photographs. When the performances are promoted on this site, it will become a trend, and many people will note it.

Next is the theater company named as Wooly Mammoth. This company belongs to Washington. In order to promote their women laughing alone with salad’s world premiere, they used the social sites. They wrote a lot of blogs; Photoshop were done and even funny videos that promoted their act were published here. Usually, these people will not produce traditional tales, and this makes them even more preferable by a particular group. Instead, they will be doing innovative narratives that will have a tint of social issues.

The final one is the Metropolitan Opera. Normally, their performances will be similar to a fashion show as all their costumes will be very innovative and unique which acts as their plus point. When their photographs are posted online, it automatically becomes a trend that kindles interest in many people’s minds in the art. Timing is an added advantage here along with the fancy dressings. When the visual timings are good, the act becomes a hit in most of the places. Each photo published will have a hashtag and branded lines that make them look unique.

Art Organizations Familiar In Social Media
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